Title: Program Director

Reports to: Chair of the Board of Directors


  1. Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field with at least 3 years of case management experience.  

      2.Knowledge, experience and skills in working with families who are homeless.

      3. An understanding of and a commitment to the mission of Bridge of Hope Greater Warren:

         To engage Christian faith communities in ending family homelessness through neighboring relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love.

      4. Active member of a Christian faith community that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, with a strong personal faith.

      5. Strong interpersonal skills.

      6. Strong communication skills, written and oral.

      7. Position requires a valid driver’s license and availability of a vehicle.

Position Summary: 

Responsible for directing, implementing and evaluating of the following areas: Program, administration and public relations as directed by the Board of Directors. The primary role of program coordination includes: To provide case management and support services for 3-5 families (20 hours a week) who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness and foster relationships with Neighboring Volunteers, engaging both parties in developing their Bridge of Hope Neighborhood of Support throughout their 12 to 24 month participation in Bridge of Hope’s program. This includes participating in the family entry process, assessing all family members, linking to community resources, guiding and equipping groups of Neighboring Volunteers as they build relationships with Neighboring Families, and providing support for participating families as they seek to establish safe and sustainable housing. The work of the Program Director is accomplished using family-centered, strengths-based, trauma-informed approaches, all with a spirit of cultural humility. All goal setting is driven by the Neighboring Family. The Program Director uses the Bridge of Hope Outcomes, Benchmarks and Standards as a guide for implementing this position.

Hours: 20 – 40 hours/week; flexible schedule, must be available some evenings and weekends (including some Sunday mornings for church engagement).


1.Program Coordination (70%)

       a. Implement and monitor the mission of Bridge of Hope Greater Warren as directed through the policies and goals of the board.

       b. Recruit, develop, and maintain relationships with Neighboring Volunteers through training and supportive services.

       c. Conduct Family Entry Process to bring families into the program and/or refer families to alternative programs.

      d. Facilitate an appropriate Neighborhood Launch between participating families and Neighboring Volunteers.

      e. Coordinate housing resources.

      f. Initiate and maintain a service agreement and family goal plan for each family. Coordinate how the Neighboring Volunteers can support the family goal plan.

      g. Meet with each family (home visits or in the office) on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to provide case management services and to determine progress towards the goals of the family goal plan.

      h. Meet with each group of Neighboring Volunteers at least quarterly.  Maintain availability for phone contact with all members of the Neighborhood.

       i. Conduct an exit interview with the family.  Conduct a closure meeting with each group of Neighboring Volunteers.

2. Church & Public Relations (15%)

      a. Present Bridge of Hope’s program to churches in order to recruit Neighboring Volunteers.     

      b. Establish and maintain inter-agency communication with referral sources and other community-based agencies. 

      c. Cultivate relationships with current and potential Bridge of Hope Greater Warren donors.  Encourage financial support of Bridge of Hope Greater Warren through contacts with churches, businesses, community organizations, and individuals. 

     d. Assist the board in planning fund-raising events.  Attendance at these fund-raising events is required.

3. Administration Responsibilities (15%) 

     a. Prepare a monthly report of activities and a statistic sheet of time management for the board.

     b. Work with board members who oversee publication of quarterly newsletter to write one article “Notes from the Program Director” for each newsletter.  

     c. Assist the finance committee of the board in preparation of the annual budget.

     d. Maintain a current mailing list of supporters.


I have read and I understand the responsibilities and requirements of this position for which I have been employed by Bridge of Hope Greater Warren.

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